Download Mozilla Firefox browser for Windows PC – Android App

Mozilla Firefox Broswer Download: It is a popular web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera etc. The main advantage of this browser to overcome the era of Internet Explorer is its multiple features which are capable of blowing up any net users mind.

download mozilla firefox

download mozilla firefox

Features of Mozilla Firefox Browser:

  • It is very faster than the rest of the browsers
  • It provides very good security
  • flags and block malicious and dangerous sites from accessing through a users PC
  • lots of add-ons which can be customised
  • It provides ad-blockers and javascript-blockers
  • Tool bars and password remembers
  • blogging add-ons and security add-ons
  • Bookmarks toolbar and tabbed browsing( It is the first one to introduce this facility)

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How to Download Mozilla Firefox browser for Windows PC

Things you should look after before installing the Firefox browser

  • You should make sure that your PC will meet all the System Requirements
  • You should never install the Firefox browser by using a limited version of Windows XP account.
download mozilla firefox broswer

download mozilla firefox broswer

  • By default you have Microsoft internet Explorer in your system. Now click and open the browser. Search Firefox download page in the Google search engine.
  • The page will always show you the latest and the best version of Firefox to download for your system. If you like some other version of the browser you can select that particular browser or search with that term.
  • Then search for the green colored download button in the web page to download the installer of Firefox.
  • It will take few minutes to download it based on your internet speed. Once you done with that, you have to click on run. A process will start as soon as you click the button.
  • After that you will get to see a Install button and select it. Thats it !!

Whenever you want to use the browser, just double-click on the Firefox browser and start using the Internet.

Mozilla Firefox browser for Android

Firefox browser for Android is a big hit with more than 100 million users right now. It is smart, fast and very safe and gives the mobile users a unique experience of browsing.

firefox for android
1. User can browse, search and access the web at high speeds
2. You can search and share your content. Can keep your favorite content just a tap away with the most intuitive and customizable features.
3. It keeps the user’s browsing very private and safe with amazing security settings, do not track features and add-ons.
Before you begin: If you have previously installed and had set up sync for any version of Firefox Aurora, Beta or Nightly, you must first uninstall that particular version you have installed before setting up the sync on Firefox for you android platform.

Download Mozilla Firefox browser for Android

  1. To download the Mozilla Firefox browser and install it on your device, you have to just go to Firefox download page & tap on the download button you see.
  2. Then your Firefox page will be taken to the Google Play. There you have to tap on install.
  3. Then you have to accept the conditions and permissions to get started with the download.
  4. After the download is complete, you have tap on the Open button.
  5. Once it is opened, you are ready to browse the Internet.
Updated: June 18, 2015 — 12:25 pm

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